Grateful Gypsy® believes in being free, radical and independent.  We believe your style should be too! Our collections encompass pieces that are inspired and inspiring; capturing both a relaxed mindset and the spirit of the 1970s into all of our creations.

We create our free-spirited, eclectic handmade goods at our in-home studio, with the help of our doggie assistant, Auggie. We pull inspiration from the beach, bellbottoms, Bianca Jagger’s style, bold patterns and bright colors.


Each eclectic creation has been made to accentuate your wanderlust adventures, artistic outfits and unique state of mind. We are dedicated to making fresh pieces with a vintage feel for the everyday girl who is looking for accessories and apparel that she adores and can actually afford. Head over to the shop to find that perfect something!



Meet Ashley

A small town girl who lived in the mountains and daydreamed about the ocean; Ashley relished every family vacation that led to the shore and the opportunity to collect new shells, rocks and sea glass on the beach. She fell in love with beach fashion, bold colors and enjoyed seeing the newest trends. Growing up she was rarely able to afford the items in her favorite catalogs and surf shops so her parents encouraged her to spend free time making her own; the daughter of guilded artisans in stained glass, she was able to explore different mediums, gain a strong sense of the beauty and versatility of natural elements and has been afforded a plethora of inspiration, encouragement and advice.